808 News


Congratulations to all of the participants for the Boca Hawaii-

Norman Tamanaha 15K, on a job well done! 

The result can be found by CLICKING HERE.  If you would like to purchase an additional race shirt for $5 please stop by Boca Hawaii to purchase.

The Series has officially started and there is still time to jump in and get on track getting ready for the Marathon.  Join us for the Runner’s Hi 20K on 6 September, click here to register.

Tailwind Nutrition is the official drink of the Marathon Readiness Series.  Tailwind will be offered at each of the aid stations of the Series.  Tailwind “will meet your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, no matter how big a day’s in front of you. Deliberately mild, customers describe the flavors as “clean” and “light” with a mouth feel as close to water as you can get while still meeting your nutrition needs.”  Read more about Tailwind Nutrition by clicking on their logo below.