Frequently asked questions

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  • Is there a time limit?

    There is no set finish time for each race, but you must be physically fit and have trained for your race. Most runners who have prepared for the event are allowed sufficient time to complete the course.

  • How do I know I am registered?

    Timeline, the official timing company for the series, will post a pre-registered list on their website:  timelinehawaii.com

  • Are strollers allowed in the races?

    Yes, but for safety, we ask that runners with strollers place themselves behind the main runners at the start.

  • Do I get at shirt for each race? Can we exchange sizes?

    PRE-REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS are given the shirt size ordered at packet pick-up.  You might be able to exchange a shirt size on race day, but not at packet pick-up.

    Late entries may pick up their shirts race day, if shirts are still available.

  • Is there race morning packet pick up?

    We ask participants to make a reasonable effort to take care of packet pick up duties on the designated days:  claim race bib, get race shirt, make name/age corrections. To avoid delays in the race start, we keep morning pick ups reserved for those with legitimate conflicts.  Thank you for understanding.